It is our country privilege and pride for having a non-profit organization of this kind and we are happy to be a party to it. We would like to summaries and elaborate the kind of service that developmental association for integrated service (Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur) is performing very well each year. Our organization has committed itself in doing services to mankind towards its up gradation. Indian society consists of upper class, middle class, & lower class on the basis of their financial status. The first group i.e. upper class is having good food, cloth & shelter in excess. The second group middle class are having just food, cloth and shelter for survival and the third group which falls into the group of disabled and downtrodden and our Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur priority to provide food, clothes and shelter of their own. We would like to help all the twenty eight percent of the population (BPL) group but our limited resources do restrict us. But each year we do as much as possible to us.


Plantation program was conducted by Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpurat Butibori Village of District–Nagpur in the presence of Hon. Mr. Abhilash.RupeshNagdeve started the said Programby planting a neem tree. All other people present for the program were also plant an available plants in already digged holes. All the holds were close by putting soil and water to it. After plantation president of society have a talk with present guests and volunteers. He said, “To save the nation from the dangerous pollutions. We should not only save the trees but also make new plantation of the trees around our location at any place possible.”He also talks about importance of the plantation & benefits of it to us. During this program, some plants were distributed to people present in the program. The members of the society appeal everyone to make the plantation for healthy environment.


Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur had taken workshop on Agriculture & Rural development at Butibori, Dist. Nagpur.

Mr. Shravan Gangaram Shambharkar explains in two words about importance of Bio-Compost and he said if you use Bio-Compost in your farm you can get lot of profit in low cost farming. He also explains to people the important thing of low cost farming is based on Bio-Fertilizer.

Hon. Mrs. Shila Pramod Bahadure discussed various schemes of rural development regarding State / Central Government. Also they heard various problems of the villagers and tried to solve on their best level. All the villagers present in the Agriculture & Rural Development program were found satisfied about this workshop. 100 to 150 persons participated during this program.


Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur, District-Nagpur had taken Awareness Generation Projects For Rural & Poor Women program at Parsodi Village Dist. Nagpur Hon. Chief guest Mrs. Surekha Shravan Shambharkar inaugurated by lighting the lamp. More than 100 women’s had attended in this program. For getting knowledge, benefits & information about women rights and government schemes. Hon. Mrs. Surekha Shravan Shambharkar said to women that by learning only. She also talk about power & rights of women, benefits & facilities about various schemes regarding State/Center Govt. They had also pointed out that now the education is absolutely necessary for living in healthy environment.


The seminar was conducted at Indo World Social Society and Research Center,Nagpur at Mauda the Consumer Empowerment Seminar. Is a fun for all, who attend aprogram.The program delivered knowledge about consumer’s right and remedies to them.

To stop consumer’sexploitation the organization had arranged consumer right Awareness Generation Program at Parsodi Village Dist. Nagpur. President of society Mr, Abhilash Rupesh Nagdeve welcome the guest and present persons. He introduce Hon. Adv. Nitin Gaykwad to present persons and he also gave flower bucket to him. Hon guest Adv. Nitin Gaykwad took the mike and start the interaction with present people. He talk about various rules & law available for consumer protection. Some booklet & pamphlet were distributed in the people present in the program. During the Program, people also discussed their problems with guest Adv Nitin Gaykwad and he resolved the same.

Every one enjoyed the program and the way by which Adv. Nitin Gaykwad handle the program. Present people thanks to the society and after tea the program was concluded.


Indo World Social Society and Research Center organized Computer training program from last five years. Society organize computer training for youth. Course for computer training is same which Maharashtra government teach in MSCIT exam. Society organized these camp at computer institute of organisation for free of cost. Lots of students get benefit of this course.

Society distributed printed notes to trainees attend camp for more and easy knowledge. This training is given by the professional teacher in the field and it contains practical and theoretical knowledge.


Free eye check-up camp was organised Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur District-Nagpur conduct one eye check-up camp in Zilla Parishad School situated at Parsodi. 45 people take benefit of this camp free spectacles and eye medicine was also distributed to how ever need in opinion of doctor.

Well known eye specialist Dr. Ajay Shrivastva and his team check-up all patients. Some patient’s cataract surgery was necessary. While checking the patients he continuously talking with them.


Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur organize Tobacco Control Programs at Nagpur District. The key areas/topics to be covered for the training programs shall include: introduction and key provisions under the National Tobacco Control Program, Tobacco Control Act, prevalence of tobacco use, types and forms of tobacco, health effects of tobacco use, socio-economic consequences of tobacco use, benefits of quitting tobacco, and role of civil society and other stakeholders in tobacco control at District level. The participants shall be provided with existing training modules and other necessary resource material available with National Tobacco Control Cell such as

  • Training module for doctors
  • Training module for health workers
  • Training module for teachers
  • National Tobacco Dependence Treatment Guidelines
  • Guidelines for implementation of COTPA.

The materials may be translated into local language for health workers as per need.

Administration and management
  • Prevent smoking initiation
  • Help smokers quit
  • Educate the public, the media, and policymakers about policies that reduce tobacco use
  • Serve as a counter to the ever-present tobacco industry

8.Alcoholism Prevention & Control Awareness Program:-

Awareness Program for Prevention & Control Alcohol was also organized and successfully taken at Kamthi village, Nagpur by the Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur during the year 2017-2018. The alcohol addicts attend the camp with their friend and family, as a moral support. The Camps were taken in order to help the personto get de-addicted to liquor and Alcoholism. In the camps, the experts made discussions with 38 people addicted and also told the addicts how human life spoils due to addiction. Also advised remedies for becoming free from such addictions. The experts also gave solution for becoming free form alcohol.

At the end of program all the people take oath to quit alcohol for happy and peaceful life.


Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur District-Nagpur has continuously working for women education & self-employment. Society tries to empower women. Society organized camps to make women aware for education. Mr. Ashish Kumar was chief guest for program.

After introduction president of society Mr. Rupesh Dadaji Nagdeve took a mike and start the conversation with women. He said, try to learn courses like stitching, beautician which have huge demand for currier. He added for your dignity you have to be equally educated like men. She Add education show, for way of development, if you are well educated you help your children in there study and higher education. After his speech he thanks Mr. Ashish Kumar and ask him to come on mike.

Mr. Ashish Kumar(Union Leader) had also explained various schemes of State / Center Government available for the working women. He also appeals to take primary education for stopping exploitation of working women.


A small camp of Adult Education was organized at Malginagar of Nagpur city. During the two hours camp importance of education was under stand by people. Some of the beneficiary enforces society repress representative for Adult Education school member of society Mr.Sunil T. Mane professor as chief guest for camp. Try to influence all unlit rate people for education. They try to convince them practically Mr.Sunil T. Mane ask a persons for writing telephone number for him but he cant. He again told some other for reading expiry date on Medicine, write a Application to electric bill, ration card or ballet paper. After this camp beneficiary understand importance of education & some of them promise to be litter within a year.


Aids is found everywhere on whole earth. It is not local problem. To save people from this killer disease Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur organized Aids awareness camp. Mrs. Shila Pramod Bahadure arranged this camp, and given information about Aids. She said, Aids can make various diseases to grow. She explained it properly.

She also appealed the people for destroying this disease by using condom doing casual sexual intercourse. The member of society take very hard work to make successful program and them also distributed Aids information booklets. They were educated on mode of them mission of the disease from one to another and precautions required to be taken to prevent this disease. They were also detailed knowledge about immune system & immunity.


The seminar was conducted at Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur. Youth Empowerment Seminar YES! Is a fun and challenging life-skills and leadership program that provides young adults with practical knowledge, and effective tools to reduce stress, m8anage negative emotions, and develop social, and leadership skills. The course is open to young adults between the age of 14 and 18 years.

The techniques taught in YES! Help young adults deal with the increasing social and academic pressures of adolescence. The course provides students with problem-solving strategies, and leadership training, skills on how to release stress, and manage negative emotions. Experiential processes are designed to help teens feel at ease in challenging situations, and foster the increased confidence, and inner strength needed to better handle criticism, peer pressure, and rise above life’s challenges.

Both fun and challenging, this 8hours seminar provides teens with a comprehensive toolbox to manage their emotions, and stress as well as dynamically navigate through adolescence. The program broadens a youth's vision of the world, and provides practical knowledge and skills they need to realize their highest potential. Independent research has also shown that the processes learned on YES! Reduce anger, violence, and depression, as well as improve focus, clarity of mind, and concentration


Day by day many people are suffering various diseases from the blood. So Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur had arranged Blood checkup & donation camp at Parsodi village, Nagpur with the help Mr. SantoshTorne They check-up the patient present in the camp and gave proper treatment. The blood donation camp was also arranged by the organization. The team of renounced doctors was appealed to the people to come & give their blood for saving life of other persons. They also told that it is a greatest donation & not harmful to the human body.

She also appealed the people for destroying this disease by using condom doing casual sexual intercourse. The member of society take very hard work to make successful program and them also distributed Aids information booklets. They were educated on mode of them mission of the disease from one to another and precautions required to be taken to prevent this disease. They were also detailed knowledge about immune system & immunity.


Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur gives Craft training to women. Course was not changing and continued to tech Zari Program. Society organized these camps in various area of Nagpur District.

Society distributed printed booklet to women who attend camp for more knowledge. This training is given by the professional teacher.


Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur has taken women education awareness generation program at Mauda taluka Dist. Nagpur. More than 400 women had attended in this three day education program. This camp was inaugurated by Hon. Chief guest Dr. Anil Laddad (Eye specialist). Hon. Chief guest Mr. Anil Laddad encourages women to learn this special practical knowledge.


Indo World Social Society and Research Center, Nagpur hasorganizedtraining of jelly making How to make jelly and the basic procedure. To make a Jelly Recipe, no special tools and equipment are required to be taught in the training. Given the information about home made business these homemade products can provide a healthier alternative to the commercially available items that contain organically grown fruits, additives and unhealthy sugar substitutes. With time – and your shrewd business skills – you can develop and build a jam and jelly business that provides a nice little profit as long as you take the time to research your options first.

  • Price your product. Before selling your jams and jellies, ensure you can make a profit
  • Sell your jams and jellies at local farmers' markets, Saturday markets and holiday fairs. Make taste samples available as this can increase your sales.
  • Reach out to local restaurants, gourmet food and gift stores to ask about becoming a supplier.

In this training women can make connections, ask questions, get inspiration, find associates, and share advice and general experiences. In addition, whether you are a person or a company, which is a far-reaching platform, hosting offers opportunities for community building, getting insights into challenges, sharing expertise, learning from others, promoting brands and promoting holiness.

Hon. Chief Guest Mr. Anil also gave thanks to Mrs. Surekha Shravan Shambharkar to organize this camp. He says that this camp help women for self sufficiency and which help them to build opportunity, equality, dignity.The vocational training program for women was organise to increase the self-reliance, empowerment and autonomy of women by enhancing their skill education and enabling them to take up income generating training program/activities. The number of training program started for the women by the organisation.


The organisation was organized the training program for carpentry Mr. Naresh Sutare was a chief guest of program. He teachbasics for getting job works from Carpentry field Mr. Pramod Shankar Bahadure also gave information about income sources from the field.